Monday, September 12

Cervical Incompetence : Getting pregnant is only the start of journey

After I got pregnant , I started dreaming for my baby. Since after all my ordeals & efforts to become pregnant, nothing can be so satisfying to see 2 Pink lines on the pregnancy test. Oh my GOD ! , It was so premature on my part to think like that.

I did conceive with the help of 3-4 Ovulation Induction procedures , Underwent painful HSG test to check whether my fallopian tubes were fine . I was about to go in for IUI , when the pregnancy test confirmed that I was expecting.

So what next after pregnancy confirmation: ( A dozen of surprises awaits you !!!!)

1. The confusion among the doctors about the best heart rate :

My baby was a slow starter . His heart rate was 108 bpm in 6th week. Some doctors said it's very low. While others seems to be of opinion that it's too early to be reliable. Some said it also depends on the ultrasound sensitivity , while some said that at a minimum it should be 120 bpm. I kept looking online digging for more information , saw case studies & survival ratios of babies with low heart rates in first trimesters and ended up getting more confused , than I was initially. I was just taking progesterone vaginally and left it on the GOD !!

2. The confusion regarding the discharges ( Theory behind the red , white or brown discharges )

I was having slight brown discharge as well, sometimes white discharges ,  so again some doctors said , brown might be a early sign of miscarriage ,while some others said it's normal until I have red colored discharges.
Doctor A kept giving progestrones.
Doctor B was of the opinion , that since I have low heart rate and brown discharge , I will eventually miscarry.
Doctor C was a family doctor and told that , there is nothing to worry unless the discharge is red in color. He adviced taking progestrone shots bi-weekly.

Also few of the fellows told me that , brown discharge is old blood and there is nothing much to worry , unless it is smelly and frequent.

3. The day I got red colored discharge ( The mysterious red colored discharge, that disappeared )

All hell went loosed for me. I was crying like anything . Husband rushed from office , and immediately shifted me to hospital. They did a physical examination of cervix, Everything was fine , no blood anywhere. Then followed it up with an ultrasound . Everything normal again.  The baby's heartbeat clocked 182 bpm. Awsome , and I came back home , as if I won another battle.

4. The first trimester risk : ( Complete bed rest )

This is becoming a trend these days , Complete bed rest for first trimester. Don't know how working ladies will manage this?

5. The Second trimester shock. ( The open cervix and hospitalization )

Just regular ultrsound in 20 weeks i.e. anamoly, The USG doctor gave a rude shock , that my cervix is open , and the membranes are almost on the verge of coming out , so I must be admitted immediately. With no choice , I got admitted in the same hospital itself ,that carried out USG , knowing very well , that it is a money sucking hospital.
They put me on a tilted bed , with my head on the lower side and my legs on the incline.

6. The wait for membranes to go inside cervix ( Waiting & waiting for cerclage )

So many new medical terms , OMG , never thought I will come across these. They waited 48 hrs for the membranes to go inside, but they did not go inside on its own .So they updated me that I will have to carry on in this position for the rest of my pregnancy.

7. The tough Choice ( Do a cerclage having 50 % success rate in my case or carry on bed rest  )

I decided to go for cerclage @ 50 % risk . Since bed rest alone cant guarantee even 25 % , although  I could have carried the bed rest for next 4 months, was even ready for carrying out all daily activities on bed , if that guranteed me my baby.

8. The cerclage done ( waiting for the risk period of 1 month )

They pushed the membranes inside the cervix. Stitched the cervix on a length of 1.5 cms . They told me that , they would have comfortably done that , if I had 2.5 cms available. But nevertheless , they did not want to push the membranes so hard , as they might rupture.
Now I am still on bed rest. I am allowed to go to bathroom , but other than that I have to be on the bed. If I pass one month , then I am at good chance of carrying till term

9. The chance for pre-term baby

So negative I have become that , these days i Just search the internet for pre-term babies , as I just want to carry on for at least 8 more weeks ,which according to the doc , is a viable time line for them to save the baby.

OMG !!! Never though so much happens after you become pregnant.
None of my moms ,grandmas faced these . Some of them never went for an ultrasound. !!!!!!!!!!


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