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IUI , ICSI , IVF Clinics in Bangalore for assisted reproduction

Bangalore (India) is becoming an emerging destination for assisted reproduction procedures. An IVF cycle can be carried out at almost 1/10th of the cost as compared to a typical hospital in US.

The prices are (as quoted to us), during the month of June 2014, and includes all charges.
The charges vary across different centers mainly depending on the pre and post operating procedures in a typical IVF/IUI cycle.

Some specialists operate across multiple hospitals/clinics, and even for the same IVF/IUI specialist, the cost can vary a lot. I have observed prices are almost 50 % lower in smaller clinics, but price should not be criteria for selection, the doctor and the facilities should stand first. My Pregnancy story , on why pregnancy is not just a successful IUI, IVF or ICSI, but much beyond that. It's a start of a long journey.

In Random Order (All Inclusive cost of procedures across Bangalore hospitals updated :)

List of IVF Centers in Bangalore:

1. Milann - [ Formerly BAAC (Bangalore Assisted Conception Center.) ]
IUI Cost = 17000, IVF Cost = 1.35 Lakh.
Consultation Cost : 1000 Rs.

Dr. Kamini A. Rao ( Medical Director )  is one of the senior most fertility specialists in Bangalore. She is one of the few doctors in India and the only one from Bangalore currently involved in drafting a bill for improving assisted reproductive procedures in India.

2. ManipalAnkur [ Merger of Manipal Hospital and Dr Vasan's Ankur Fertility ]
IUI Cost = 15000, IVF Cost = 1.25 Lakhs, ICSI Cost = 1.6 Lakhs, Sperm test = 600 Rs, Sperm test including DFI = 2000 Rs.

Doctors in Manipal = Doctor Beena Vasan and Doctor Jyothi Menon for female infertility, Doctor Vasan SS for male infertility.
Dr. Vasan is also HOD of Manipal IVF Department and along with her wife Beena Vasan, also runs an infertility clinic called Ankur fertility.

(HSG test cost = 5000), IUI Cost = 6000, IVF Cost = 60,000, ICSI Cost = 70,000
All these costs are exclusive of follicular, pelvic scans, medicines. Treatment duration 1 cycle (30 days only)
Dr Jyothi Menon, Dr Rupa for female infertility. More about sure fertility

4. Morpheus Indo-German Fertility Centre ( Jaynagar )
Dr. Biraj Kalyan

Preliminary Test Cost : 11000 INR [ 1 Reader reported ] ( Second Cycle Free Offer )
IVF Cost = 90000 INR + Drugs 
ICSI Cost = 100000 INR + Drugs

Well this we found very interesting. It translates to 2 IVF cycles for INR 90000 , that makes it the most affordable in Bangalore.

(Without the offer / Per Cycle cost )
IVF Cost  = 65000 INR + Drugs
ICSI Cost = 75000 INR + Drugs
They seem to have 4 branches in Bangalore. The major Centre is Jaynagar itself.
Have presence in 13 cities all across India. 
Well what more.... personal loans available in their brochures.

5. Gunasheela IVF Centre , Basavangudi
Dr Devika and Dr Sulochana Gunasheela
Dr Jyothi Menon - Heavy Rush reported. Long Queues. Hygiene issues in clinic.
IUI Cost = 8000 Rs, IVF Cost = 85,000 Rs, ICSI Cost = 90,000 Rs.

6. Dr Patil's Fertility & Endoscopy Clinic
Dr. Madhuri Patil (for female infertility).
IUI Cost = 10000 Rs ( up 100% in 2 yrs ) , IVF Cost = 150,000 ( up 50 % in 2 yrs ) Rs, ICSI Cost = 1,60,000 Rs. ( up 40 % in 2 yrs )

7. Garbha gudi IVF centre, Banashankari
Dr. Asha S.Vijay and Dr. Hari

IUI Cost = 11000 Rs. to 16000 Rs.
IVF Cost =  1.5 lakhs to 2 lakhs Rs.
ICSI Cost = 1.7 lakhs to 2.2 lakhs Rs.

8. GIFT Gyno IVF centre , Indiranagar and Marathalli
( We thank you for the transparency in charges )
Dr. S.Mani and Dr. Anita Mani
IVF :  50,000 INR + Medication Charges
Revised March 2014
IVF: 1.4 Lakhs to 1.6 Lakhs [ Ref: ]

9. Kamini Rao Hospital
Dr Kamini Rao of BAAC as mentioned in #1 above.
They do conduct IUI’s, but couldn't get any updates for the cost involved.

10. Manipal North side hospital  Now Milann [ Point 2 above ]
Dr. Nandini Devi and Dr Beena Vasan

11. Ankur fertility  Now Milann [ Point 2 above ]
Dr. Malathi Rao and Dr Beena Vasan

Dr. Manjunath  C S
NOVA Pulse IVF clinic is about to open an infertility specialist clinic in Bangalore. There are also talks of a foreign medical chain buying stake in NOVA IVF

[ Update Oct 2017 ] They have 3 locations now in Bangalore:
Bangalore - KAMMANAHALLI  - Dr. Pallavi Prasad
Bangalore - KORAMANGALA - Dr. Mahesh Koregol  Dr. Rashmi Yogish

Bangalore - SADASHIVANAGAR - Dr. Aviva Pinto Rodrigues  Dr. Santosh Gupta

ICSI Cost - 1.67 Lakhs Rs. [ 4 Readers Average ] , IVF Cost - 1.15 Lakhs per cycle
. This is one of the highly professional hospitals focusing on only 3 I's i.e. IUI, IVF and ICSI.

We came to know about CREATION, somewhat late, until few of the readers had specific queries about some of the doctors there.
FORTIS, in Bangalore, by way of their specialty infertility center called CREATION, have made a huge investment in promoting the same.
 We tried to get details of their pricing model for IVF, IUI, and ICSI. There was a 200 % variance in the price of what FORTIS quoted for IUI and IVF as compared to the actual costs incurred (as discussed with few patients). Anyways, we know with FORTIS standards (and the kind of investment they have made in this infertility centre) this was always expected to be very high, with one patient reporting it to be upward of 15000 Rs per IUI cycle, exclusive of medicines and tests. 
The price for IVF, including hospital stay will fall around 1.4 Lakhs Rs (exclusive of medicines and tests)

They do have a dedicated site for fertility. Looks impressive first time, having some general articles projecting the infertility scene, some high profile doctors, few interesting testimonials, and of course the Android App. Definitely high profile advertising to gain more market share in Bangalore.

14. Shubha Ayurvedic center ( Reported by readers )
Phone no:08026578620
South End circle Jayanagar.
Dr Shubhankari Rao and Dr Padmanabh Rao.

15. Momsoon Fertility & I.V.F. Centre ( Jaynagar )
Dr. Y. Ravindranath, Ph.D (Human Genetics) - Senior Embryologist & Scientific Director.

16. Cherish Centre for reproductive medicine ( Koramangala )
Has a smaller known unit also Bellevue's Cambridge Infertility & IVF Centre ( Ulsoor )
Dr. S.K.SreeKumar

17. Cloud Fertility  ( J.P. Nagar, Malleshwaram , Old airport Road , Jayanagar , Whitefield , Bellandur )
Dr, Manju Nair
Dr. Reeta Biliangady
Dr. Indu Gopal
Dr. Sumana Gurunath
Dr. Uma Maheshwari
Dr. Basavaraj Devarashetty
Dr. Mamatha . J

The Bangalore Infertility Scene:
With the proliferation of so many new centers and major hospitals expanding their foray into this highly lucrative and profitable vertical, there has been no decrease in prices. They have constantly gone upwards by an average of 20-25% every year. There is no regulatory legislation to govern these clinics in India. The demand is ever increasing due to more and more young people getting married and finding it hard to go to next stage of family. Well one can always say that IT/ITES does not give you chance to lead a healthy lifestyle , but do not forget that it’s not just in Bangalore , but the trend is visible across India.
It is not a lifestyle disorder, but the decrease in fertility rates is a country wide phenomenon. We just happen to be in Bangalore where we are just a bit more expressive and vocal on internet, as compared to other towns. Add to it, the vicious IT tag, people are supposed to always pay a premium, whether it’s in hospital or school, travel agents or whatever.

The infertility centers (except in one case) do not advertise their rates. The reason might be that they do not want to lose the flexibility in deciding the clinical charges on demand. There is a race between the fertility clinics to get the most rated doctors in their hospitals.
Our readers don’t want fancy statistics from all those 5 star hospitals.
Our questions and expectations are fairly straight.

1.     How many successful and unsuccessful procedures you do? (Describing success in IUI, IVF or ICSI in terms of % is a very elusive.)
2.     What are the possible side effects one can have while undergoing these procedures?
3.     What are the assurances regarding the quality of donor eggs and donor sperms?
4.     How many pregnancies resulting in miscarriage?
5.     How many pregnancies resulting in premature babies?
6.     How many babies are born healthy?
7.     Did patients report any issues in healthy babies having any genetic issues like autistic tendencies or other retardation?

Regarding the point number 7, I would like to bring to notice an important research article published by Dr. Lorraine Kelley-Quon of Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles. Their reports do confirm some of the points mentioned above.
Their research confirms that the incidence of genetic defects of the heart, eye and urinary system are more in IVF deliveries than normal delivery.