Sunday, September 13

The long journey to motherhood

I thought of creating this blog for one and the only one reason. i.e. to share my long and painful journey ( still continuing ) towards motherhood. We were a busy couple, DINK type (Double Income No Kids). We were married for 3 years, when we thought of raising a baby.

Our Initial assumption was that it will take 1 year to achieve pregnancy. But as it turned out, we kept trying for around 1 year, and could not be successful in becoming pregnant. This marked the beginning of a long ordeal of visiting hospitals and tests.

Test 1: Wife is PCOD, treatment starts, still trying, no result
Test 2: Husband to check sperm count , came low, another treatment, improves.
Test 3: Wife still not becoming pregnant, GO FOR HSG to check fallopian tube. So scared & thinking of HSG alternatives.
Test 4: HSG is Painful procedure but went OK, yet no positive results.
Test 5: Fixes appointment for IUI in Manipal hospital, Bangalore (India)

Surprise 1: Pregnancy test is positive . Hurray. Is that all?? No it’s just the beginning.
Surprise 2: Low baby heart rate. Suspecting a miscarriage.
Surprise 3: Red colour bleeding. Again suspecting a miscarriage.
Surprise 4: Pregnancy survives (May be it’s a progesterone effect)

SHOCK 1: Cervix Opens too much. Will I miscarry?
SHOCK 2: Membranes come out. Imminent danger until it goes back in. BED REST NOW until delivery.
SHOCK 3: Still the same condition. Doctor to risk pushing it back and do Cerclage ( cervix stitching )
SHOCK 4: As soon as I moved to 3rd trimester, the sugar levels peaked to 230. It should ideally be 120. So took 2 types of Insulin, NOVA-MIX and NOVA-RAPID. Visits to Diabetologist/Endocrinologist start. We started consulting Dr. Arpan Bhattacharya.

I WENT ON BED REST & Insulin just hoping for the best results. Luck, luck, luck please.

=== Update as on 13th Nov 2011 (Hoping to cross AT LEAST 34 weeks) ===
I have crossed 32 weeks today.
Thx all for your wishes and encouraging comments. It’s been rock & roll since 20 weeks.

=== Update as on 19th Nov 2011 (THE DELIVERY DAY - UNEXPECTED DATE)
Gave birth to a beautiful baby girl @ 33 weeks.
No more insulin, progesterone or bed rest 4 me.
She is in NICU. Read My NICU Experience.
Thx u all. I love u.

=== Update as on 10th Dec 2011 (NICU and JAUNDICE STORY)
My baby girl is doing fine. She is around 20 days and weighs just 1.7 kgs. She was discharged from Manipal NICU after 5 days and had to spend another 5 days in the ward due to jaundice. Dr Arvind Shenoy and Dr Karthik Nagesh both attended to her and I was satisfied with their approach and consultations. 

Things that highly bothered us were:
--> When you are admitted for delivery, you will expect the best of the doctors and especially your gynaecologist to be present, especially when it's going to be little off-course, as the baby is going to be premature and myself having stitches. My consultant doctor or for that matter, no gynaecologist was present in the labour room. It was just the duty doctors (students who have to compulsorily give the duty) and the nursing staff.

--> The NICU team was waiting like hungry wolves, for their billing meters to start. Believe me, we were briefed by NICU team about the charges for ventilator and other devices, when I was not even sure , whether delivery will take place in next 24 hrs. or not.
But it doesn't matter, our delivery was fastened and the baby delivery happened in just no time, without any gynaec being present. So this was bad Experience, more on this and the charges in coming weekend.

--> One last thing, I looked at the list of patients’ details and their consultants, pasted outside the ward.
The highest Dr Shobha Venkat (there were 6 admissions, including me)
Dr Praveena Shenoi (there were 3, and I got very positive feedback about her from fellow patients. I have seen here twice attending to mid night delivery. ) She is my next doc 4 sure. See her in cloud 9 as she has shifted there.
Dr Manjula Shivshankar and Dr Shaila Bhattacharya (2 each)

== Update as on 7th April 2012 (PREMATURE BABY SLOW GROWTH)
Current weight: Just above 4 kgs
Age: 4 months
Delayed milestone 1: - Eye contact, first at 4 months
Delayed milestone 2: - Weight gain, just above 4 kgs at 4 months


== Update 14th April 2013
Current weight: 9.3 kg
Age: 1 year 4 months
Milestones: All MET as per normal baby standards (Having met the weight goal and above average height). Who says premature babies can’t beat the goals?


My baby is now 4 months of age weighing little over 4 kg. We know she is slow in gaining weight as compared to other kids of her age, but we hope she will match in a year or so.
We are amused by so much of vaccination dosage for the small one. We never thought that so many dosages and some of them costing upwards of 2000 INR upwards. Do I have an option?
The cost of the same vaccination varies drastically from 100 INR to 2000 INR depending on the hospital and the pharmaceutical company. Some vaccines are considered mandatory by 1 set of doctors , while another says opposite.

Another delayed milestone was the eye contact. We never realized that Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), which we missed was such an important test. We missed it, as we were extremely busy in the related baby stuff. But yeah it is important.

WIFE: HAD GESTATIONAL DIABETES, and now 4 months after delivery, sugar levels still peaking at around 230. So we were very worried now. GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) is another stuff that was supposed to be done at 6 weeks post delivery, but impossible to have got it done, with such a small baby.
We did a HBA1C and levels were 7.9
Repeated this and with medication went down to 6.6 (still high enough)

== Update 13-7-2012
Repeated HBA1C test
Gestational Diabetes has been confirmed to have turned into Type 2 diabetes.
We were referred Metformin and Trajenta (Linagliptin) by Dr. Mohan of Endocrinologist department Manipal.


== Update 14-04-2013
Continued Medication and after 4 months repeated HBA1C. The report showed 5.6 and this was an achievement, since the levels sustained even after stopping the medication two months back. So we were told to stop the medication and be on good diet and maintain exercise regime.


Got her birth certificate from our local municipal office BBMP, but realized later that signatures are missing. Oops have to run again.
Went again for signatures on birth certificate, but BBMP said signatures are not required as, the birth certificate is digitally signed.


  1. We have started on this line ... looking for a good fertility clinic ... good to see your blog ... got some really good info ..

  2. and all the best !!!

  3. Wow - what a journey!!! Wishing you all the very best!

    BTW lots of good info on your blog. I posted a question abt Cherish clinic in one of your other posts...pls let me know if you have any reviews about it?

  4. Congratulations on the arrival of your long awaited baby !
    Take care,

  5. Jacky JagaApril 08, 2012


    Congrats...The post is really awesome..My wife just diagnoised with PCOS or PCOD...May i know which doctor is best to treat the same? We got a medicine called follic acid and the doctor want her to try for few months...

  6. Yes Jacky , The folic acid is prescribed to reduce complications arising from PCOS and help support pregnancy. Most women will be on folic acid during most of their pregnancy and also in PCOS/PCOD
    Your doc's line of treatment is as expected only.

    Regarding which doctor you should choose , depends on your goal.
    1. If you just wish to treat PCOS/PCOD , you can continue with a good gynecologist .

    2. But If you are looking forward to a pregnancy , I suggest going to a good Andrologist if the gynecologist's treatment does not result in success for you in the next 6-8 months.
    If you are in hurry , then both of you can consult an andrologist , just to be sure , that there are no other additional complications ( like low sperm count , tube blockages etc...)

    If you have time on your side , great continue with your doc , and get some diagnostics done for both of you few months before you start planning for a baby.

  7. Thanks a lot...We were trying for past 6 months and no sucess. And all of sudden we diagnosied with this problem. My wife is too upset after the report. Is PCOS is too serious? One more question..Our gynecologist gave two options. 1. Take follic acid tab and continue trying(as its only six months we were trying..) 2. Take "metformine(i dont remember the name) for six months and during this time we cannot expect pregnancy. My question is will it take 6 months to get cured from PCOS?

    We are in hurry as family is putting pressure on us):

  8. With almost every other person with PCOS , lets not consider this as sickness . Just some hormonal mismatch.
    And we don't realize it is causing any problem, unless we start planning the family. That was the case with me and you and everyone else.

    You can convince your wife by telling that , there are bigger important stuff / challenges in pregnancy, and PCOS is just a very small thing . Almost everyone has it.

    My DOC used to tell us , that people with PCOS do get pregnant, but just take little more time and she has seen most patients trying for 1-2 years, do get so and also some ladies who get their menses as rarely as once in 6 months , also getting pregnant , first try only.

    There is no one theory regarding this.

  9. Reg Metformin , I took it to for I don't know may be 3 years , to regularize the menses. ( My small town doc didn't tell me that it's because of PCOS ). But either way it didn't work well for me.Still the weight increased , too much hair growth .
    But it's a know medicine to treat PCOS , that I do agree.

    Ohh dear , family pressure . I can understand...
    If possible tell them that you are not looking towards it 1 more year , and buy you some time.

    But I would suggest , you take treatment for PCOS ( yes it takes months since they need to check the symptoms reducing after every menses , for 6 or more cycle. ) .
    If it works , then GOOD.
    If not , then you and your doc knows , that it's a factor , and probably prescribe you the right course.

    Your DOC seems reasonable , not forcing you for IUI or others. Thats good , you may continue with him/her.

    Bye.Good luck.

  10. Thank you very much for your help...We will go for PCOS treatmet..

  11. More sad news....I had done my sperm test and result are not good...

    Sperm Concentration = Normal
    Motility = 22%
    Morpology = 2% of normal forms


    Not sure what is "ASTHENOTERATOZOOSPERMIA" is and whether is curable..

    Dr.Vasan suggested few more blood/ultra sound tests to find the reason and waiting for the report....

    Its giving tooooo much mental pressure and very difficult to handle this...Always one question came into my mind is "Why us?".


  12. Hi,

    First of all ,do not worry .Your figures are not as worrisome as the report or the doctor would have projected.

    Your figures looked too similar to our report, that prompted me to search for my first report and here it is:
    Motility ( Progressive ) - 4 hrs is 24 , 1 hr is 28%
    Normal Forms was 2 % for me as well

    Yaa the ultra-sound , I had it too.

    The blood test ,he would have suggested must be Serum FSH , Serum LH, Serum Prolactin , Serum Testosterone and Serum FREE Testosterone

    He will look ,if the reason for low count is because of reduced blood flow to testicles , or due to hormone deficiency in blood test report.

    Well either way , both are treatable.

    If it is because of reduced flow ,a small day care procedure will be done to clear the passage for sperms.

    Otherwise if due to hormones , then also it is perfectly fine , then medications should help.

    So the Ultrasound + blood tests are must to determine the cause of the low counts (motility ,morphology etc,)

    For me , the blood test was normal , but the ultrasound showed some obstruction in testicular vessel , so reduced blood flow.

    They told me it should be treatable as a small operation.( don't worry , a very common procedure for males ) . 12 hrs rest may be required post it.

    I didn't go for it. Too scared . Just continued the medicines , Dr gave , like Paternia and some zinc tablets.
    Since Wife was getting treated for her problems , I thought let me skip the operation , try on our own , and will resort to it as last measure only.

    And we have managed to achieve pregnancy and so can you.
    While your wife gets treated for PCOS , you can continue medications . When you start trying for baby again , you check your sperm count again ( Not from the same hospital . please )

    So it's good , that you know what all are known/unknowns . And you have time to fix these.So odds will definitely improve.

    Understand you are tensed , but surely tension/worry won't improve the odds , and just see our case. Not much different right, so you too will surely win.

    Good Luck
    Kumar :)

  13. Thanks for all your support....I too hope positive for a good result...It will take little time to convince ourself...

    Both Blood Test and Ultra sound test says Dr.Vasan told it might because of encymsa and given few tabs for 3 weeks..But he is saying that with the above sperm test, we cannot try normal pregnancy and ICSI is the only possibility(That too after taking the tabs..)..Let us see..


  14. Jag JagaMay 09, 2012


    Is there any other hospital you could suggest for semen analysis?


  15. Dont go to sure. I had 2 failed IVf and didnt see any one from my batch getting a +ve result. Dr.reeta is not that knowledgeable. But Dr.Jyothi menon is good there. Unfortunately i choose dr.reeta and now i regret i can change to jyothi menon.

  16. Congratulations on your bundle of joy and also to your immense patience and mental strength to go through all of this! Nice post too, which helped me to find my peace with so many unsuccessful natural trails to conceive. I am still positive though! Found useful information in your posts to think positively too :).

  17. Also had a question, when you say you have gone through ovulation induction, did u mean clomid tablets? My doctor did not say any issue with my ovulation. I am still to get a HSG done though!

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